Did you forget to buy the con-shirt at Finncon? Had the con run out of sizes when you got there? Or would you have preferred to have the shirt in […]
Today it will already be a week since Finncon ended but luckily you can still return to that magical Finncon feeling by browsing the great images taken by our official […]
We would love to hear feedback from everyone regarding this year’s Finncon programme and general even arrangements. What went well? What did not work? What would you like to see […]
The Finncon masquerade on Saturday was a great success and we had an amazing number of 30 participants, huge thanks to all the participants! Here are all the masquerade characters […]
There have been some cancellations and changes to the programme during the weekend. Saturday 5 PM Tähtifantasia CANCELLED Sunday 12 PM Writing for Franchise CHANGES: New name Working on Franchises, […]
Kuva Kirjabasaarin lavasta
We have added even more supplementary programme to Finncon. Now on Saturday in the 2nd floor Book Bazaar, there will be short publisher presentations for new releases. In addition to […]
Juvenes Restaurant serves our visitors at the venue and everyone is welcome to eat their own food and snacks at the Alakuppila tables or the new Lyhty social space. We […]
Finncon will this year also have a few exhibitions, including LEGO exhibition put together by Finnish Lego hobbyist organization Palikkatakomo and an exhibition featuring the 50-year-old history of the Puupäähattu […]
Finncon will have some programme items that require signing up beforehand. These include the Kapteeni Kuolio walk on Friday 7th of July at 1 PM (Finnish only) and the Masquerade […]