Kuva Finnconin vuoden 2016 naamiaisista

The traditional Finncon masquerade will be organized on Saturday July 8th from 5 PM until 6 PM in the Main Auditorium. The venue has accessible entrance for both participants and audience. The masquerade will have only one category but there will be a special prize for the character most fitting with the theme.

The masquerade will be judged by a panel formed by Finncon’s Guests of Honor and it will be hosted in both Finnish and English.

You can participate alone or in a group. The costumes can be from science fiction, fantasy, anime/manga, comic books or horror works. The costume is meant to be self-designed but can contain pre-bought elements. Everything in the costume does not need to be made from scratch.

The participant can carry and present a weapon belonging to the costume as long as you remember safety and be careful during the show. Outside of the masquerade the weapon has to be left in the cloakroom in accordance with the Covention Rules. Due to copyright restrictions using your own background music during the show is not possible.

During the masquerade the host will introduce the participant and the character after which the participant can walk to the stage, pose for the cameras for a moment and then moves to the aside to wait. If the participant wants to, they can plan a performance of sorts but the plan is to keep each introduction fairly short, so please plan your choreography accordingly and again, unfortunately, there isn’t an option for background music due to copyright restrictions.

The Finncon masquerade is meant to be an playful and easy-going competition, where the main goal is to have fun. The masquerade will have multiple prizes from all sorts of things, like costume originality, funniness, best headdress or even best attitude. You do not need to be a master artisan or veteran performer. The judges will put more value on how much effort was put into the costume and how much imagination was used.

The prizes will be given out around 9 PM on Saturday during the evening party in Restaurant Telakka. Underages participants will get their prizes right after the masquerade.

Sign-up form for the Masquerade will be open until Friday July 7th and you can find it in the link below.

After that you can still sign-up for the Masquerade in the Finncon info desk until Saturday July 8th 2 PM!