University of Tampere is, for the most part, accessible. The City centre campus, where the convention takes place, is equipped with ramps, lifts and automatic doors. Majority of the lifts operate with voice control, and the buttons are marked with braille. The main entrance to the venue is from Kalevantie, which takes you to the 1st floor of A Wing.

Programme rooms in the A Wing can be accessed by a lift to the 2nd floor from the main lobby. In the Main Building, access to D Wing is facilitated by the same lift. The lift goes to the 0 floor, from which a corridor leads to the downstairs cafeteria and the lecture theatres on the level of D wing. There is wheelchair access to most of the University restaurants.

The largest programme rooms have in-built induction loops. In smaller rooms there are no induction loops. Specific information about the programme rooms can be found on the Venue page. There are reserved seats for lip-readers at the front of every programme room.

All programme rooms have reserved spots for wheelchair users and their assistants, either in the front or in the back of the room, depending on the room in question. In programme rooms with more than one entrance, the wheelchair accessible automatic entrance (commonly an automatic door) is marked by a sign of a wheelchair.

There are clearly marked disabled parking spots reserved near all the entrances of the venue. The taxi drop-off and pick-up spot is at the main entrance of the Main Building.

Read more about accessibility on campus from University of Tampere website

During the event, the con-goers are asked not to use hair spray or other scented products in the toilets or other public areas. Programme items with for example flashing lights will be announced beforehand, in the programme book and/or at the beginning of the programme, if possible, both. Con-goers are also advised not to eat in the programme rooms in order to avoid any allergic reactions from airborne allergens.