This restaurant guide offers just a short listing of different restaurants, cafés and other places that offer something to eat that are near the Finncon venue.


2nd floor
7.7 FRI klo 9:30-17:30, lunch klo 11-16
8.7 SAT klo 9:30-17:30, lunch klo 11-16
9.7 SUN klo 9:30-16:30, lunch klo 11-14.30

Lunch and cafeteria. Licenced to serve alcohol.

Area near campus
(incl. Tullintori)

Yliopistonkatu 50

Fri 11-21, Sat 12-20, Sun 13-20

Sushi buffet and takeaway.


Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)

Fri 8-20, Sat 10-18

Donuts and bagels.

Baba’s Kitchen

Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)

Mon-Sat 10.45-18.00, lunch 10.45-15.00

Falafel and kebab food in Tullintori.

Bakery Café Puusti

Yliopistonkatu 50

Fri 9-18, Sat 10-17

Cinnamon rolls, usually non vegan ones. Popular, so close to a closing time might run out.

Boulangerie Marco

Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)

Fri 7.30-17 (lunch 11-15), Sat 9-17 (lunch 11-15)

French café, pasta etc. during lunch time, very popular, be prepared to stand in a line.


Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)

Fri 8-16, lunch 11-14

A café in Tullintori.

Dabbal Kitchen & Bar

Yliopistonkatu 44

Breakfast every day 7-11, kitchen open every day 17-22.

No lunch, but breakfast every day, a la carte food on the evenings.

Gastrobar Tisle

Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)

Fri 16-23, Sat 12-23

A Nordic fish restaurant. Kitchen open until 22.

Marriot Kitchen & Bar
Yliopistonkatu 57

Fri 16-23, Sat 16-23, Sun 16-21 (kitchen closes an hour before closing)

A hotel restaurant and a bar near the convention.

Ming Zhu

Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)

Fri 10.30-18, Sat 12-18

Thai restaurant, lunch buffet.

Pancho Villa

Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)

Fri 10.30-21.00, Sat 12-20, Sun 12-18

Functional basic food.

Pizzeria Basiliko

Pinninkatu 59

Fri 11.00-20.30, Sat 13.00-20.30

Pizzas, several vegetarian options, but no vegan. Across the street from the campus.

Pub Old Mates

Sumeliuksenkatu 18

Fri 15-01, Sat 15-01, Sun 15-23

British style pub food, located on the other side of the street from Finncon.

Pyymäen kahvila (Tullintori)

Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)

Fri 8-17 (lunch 11-14)

Café in the middle of Tullintori, incl. salad lunches at least on Fridays.

Ravintola Myllärit

Åkerlundinkatu 4

Fri 11-21 (has lunch on Friday)

A la carte food in an old mill.

Ravintola Pitsa

Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)

Fri 10.30-18, Sat 11-18

A pizzeria.


Yliopistonkatu 50

Fri 11-23, Sat 14-23

Lunch option during the day. Cocktail and winebar in the evenings.

Tapioca Soul Cafe
Åkerlundinkatu 8

Fri 11-17, lunch Fri 11-15

Brazilian café, a lunch option on Fridays based on the weight of the portion.


Tullikamarinaukio 3

Kitchen Fri 11-21.45, Sat 12-21.45, Sun 12-19.45

Burgers and steaks, but also vegetarian and vegan portions.

Saturday’s evening party location!


Yliopistonkatu 55 (Tampere-talo)

Fri 11-18 (lunch 11-14), Sat 12-18

Restaurant in Tampere-talo, a la carte until 17 o’clock.

Viialan kotileipomo

Tullikatu 6 (Tullintori)
Fri 8-16

A café in Tullintori.

Tammela (incl. Tammelantori)

Café Aamurusko

Tammelan puistokatu 30-32

Fri 6.30-17, Sat 7.30-17, Sun 8.30-16

A café with breakfast and lunch, including stuff for vegans.

Currywurst M&M 510


Mon-Sun 11-20

Currywurst and bratwurst from a bright red food truck. Also vegan option available.


Ilmarinkatu 16

Fri 11-17, Sat 12-16

A vegetarian restaurant in Tammela, pricing per portion weight, has lunch Fri & Sat.

Hesburger Tampere Tammela

Itsenäisyydenkatu 7-9

Fri 10-24, Sat 10.30-24, Sun 10.30-23

The nearest hesburger location.

Itsudemo Luminary

Itsenäisyydenkatu 3

Fri 11-21, Sat 12-21, Sun 12-18

Sushi buffet.

Ola Greek Food

Itsenäisyydenkatu 3

Fri-Sat 10.30-05.00, Sun 12-01

Souvlaki etc. with strong fast food elements.

Ravintola Borneo

Itsenäisyydenkatu 15

Mon-Sat 11-21

A Malesian restaurant, a lot of wok type food.

Ravintola Mardin

Pinninkatu 32

Every day 11-05

A pizzeria with a large selection on the edge of Tammelantori, open very late. Vegetarian options available.

Ravintola Nonni

Tammelan puistokatu 35

Fri 16-23, Sat 14-23 (kitchen closes hour earlier)

The menu changes constantly, call ahead if dietary requirements.

Star & Moonlight

Tammelan puistokatu 30-32

Fri 12-22, Sat 12-22, Sun 12-21

Indian food near Tammelantori.

Subway Tampere Tammela

Fri 10-22, Sat 11-21, Sun 11-21

Tapola Tammelantori


Fri-Sat 8-14

The Original Mustamakkara (black sausage) from Tampere. No vegetarian options, but glutein free possible.

Toki Nuki Ramen
Pinninkatu 32

Fri-Sat 10.30-20 

Ramen and japanese food.


Itsenäisyydenkatu 5

Fri 10.30-20

Vietnamese food from fresh ingredients. Also vegan.

The City Centre, East of Tammerkoski


Aleksanterinkatu 33

Fri 15-23, Sat 13-23

A bar with pub food.

Aloha Ramen

Tuomiokirkonkatu 40

Fri 11-21, Sat 13-21, Sun 13-20 (kitchen closes half an hour before closing)

Ramen and bowls, in a fusion kitchen combination of japanese and hawaiian. Also has vegetarian and vegetarian options.


Rautatienkatu 14

Fri 16-24, Sat 14-24

Small, pricey and fancy a la carte-meals. Reservation mandatory.

Bonker Moodcourt

Ratapihankatu 39

Fri 16-23, Sat 14-23, Sun 14-20 (kitchen closes an hour before closing, and half an hour before on Sundays)

There are two restaurant and one arcade bar under same roof. Vegan only junk food from Hoaxi, texmex food from TNT, and gaming themed drinks from Noob.


Aleksanterinkatu 29

Fri 15-22, Sat 14.30-21.30

Sushi and bowls. Small space, so reservation recommended.

Hella ja Huone

Aleksanterinkatu 31

Fri-Sat 16-24

Fancier a la carte food. NOTE: reservation needed.


Pellavatehtaankatu 19

Fri-Sat 15-00

Tapaceria, with cocktails.


Rautatienkatu 12

Fri 17-, Sat 15-

The menu is from local ingredients from Finnish nature. Vegetarian or vegan menu requires pre-order. Small, so reservation strongly recommended.

Lie Mi

Hämeenkatu 14

Fri 11-22, Sat 12-22, Sun 12-21

Vietnam style soups and ramen. Also exists in Helsinki, so no need to come to Tampere for this.



Fri-Sat 11-22, Sun 11-20 (kitchen closes half an hour before closing)

Big selection of ramens and other Japanese foods, and a very large list of vegetarian and vegan foods.


Satakunnankatu 10

Kitchen closes 21.30

A very good list of vegetarian and vegan, also some meat and fish options.


Rautatienkatu 24

Fri 16-02, Sat 14-02, Sun 16-02

An Irish pub with pub food, the home of the geek quiz. Several vegetarian portions, some vegan ones.

Friday’s evening programme location!

Onni & Leo

Rautatienkatu 14

Fri 11-24, Sat 12-24, Sun 13-21

Mediterranean food. Pizza-buffet lunch.

Pizzeria Napoli

Aleksanterinkatu 31

Fri 10.30-00, Sat 12-00, Sun 12-00

Pizzas, that people come to see from other parts of Finland (although good pizza is available elsewhere in Tampere). If you want to eat here, make a reservation. Or order takeaway by phone.



Fri 8-00, Sat 9-00, Sun 9-22

A café and a restaurant with a view towards Tammerkoski.

Ravintola LAM

Hämeenkatu 10

Fri 11-22, Sat 12-22, Sun 12-21

Hongkong style Chinese food.

Ravintola Malika

Aleksanterinkatu 37

Fri 11-21 (lunch 11-14), Sat 12-21, Sun 13-20

A Nepalese restaurant that replaced Katmandu in Aleksanterinkatu with the same menu, interior decor and probably with the some cook.


Rautatienkatu 12

Fri 11-23, Sat 12-23, Sun 12-21

A Georgian restaurant, vegetarian options are cheese heavy. Not recommended for people with nuts allergy, all options have nut remnants.

Vohvelikahvila (alkuperäinen)

Ojakatu 2

Fri 10-20, Sat 10-19, Sun 11-19

A wide selection of waffles, nice place to sit outside during summer time.