Finncon 2023 follows the official guidelines of The Wellbeing County Services of Pirkanmaa’s Health services for preventing respiratory tract infections. These guidelines are in line with the Finnish institute for health and welfare guidelines.

Currently there are no limits for gatherings within the Pirkanmaa area or in Tampere. There are also no recommendations for wearing masks, even indoors. As Finncon is a public event, open for all, Finncon 2023 can not legally enforce wearing a mask at the event. This also means Finncon 2023 is not legally allowed to ask for certificate of vaccination, or negative test results. 

Please consider other people attending the convention. In general, caution is recommended. If you have any symptoms of cold, the flu, covid-19, or any other respiratory tract infection, have tested positive for covid-19 or influenza, or suspect you have been infected by any respiratory tract infection, we ask you not to attend the convention.